Monday, April 18, 2005

H.No. 39-10-29

Yessiree!!! I've found time soon enough. This must oficially be the shortest break I took between any of my posts. Mr. Jobless, I always am, but right now, I am un-lazy enough to type and so here comes rolling, the second post in as many days. With reference to the last post, even before you ask, my grand viva was, well, grand!!!. My mom reads this blog and therefore I stubbornly refuse to add any more adjectives in this case.

Anyways, like I was saying in the last post, a lot has happend in my life in the last month. Prince Charles' charming second wedding, you say?? Certainly, but I'll talk about that looser later. If he hasn't already ruined it and started dating a third woman, that is. Right now I am referring to events closer to home, one particular incident that's tampering with my compass and wrecking it. My dad's got promoted and with that, has been suddenly transferred, for the first time, from Vizag to Mumbai. All my life I have lived in this one great place and suddenly we got to pack and leave. I mean, it must be allright for people with their dads as bankers, the only people who are upholding the nomadic tradition in India today. They are the true urban bedouins of our age. Like Chaitu for example, who, courtesy his dad's job at SBI, must be holding the Guiness record for the most number of educational institutions anyone has studied in. My dad is definitely not taking it well, himself. He absolutely loves his life at Vizag and it has been twenty-seven years in that city for him working for the same company throughout his career without a single transfer. Twenty-seven!!! Can you comprehend that number?? No?? Allright, it's the total number of runs Ganguly is going to make during the rest of his career. Aah, I see that you do comprehend now. So anyways, come next holidays,and it's not a south-bound journey from Kharagpur any more. Instead it's the classic "Go west, Young man, Go west". Aanchi Mumbai, here I come!!!

After living in one hell of a city all your life, I guess its not so easy to relocate yourself to a new place. I sure am going to miss this place a lot. My mom and dad wake up today to celebrate the silver jubilee of their wedding anniversary even as I type. If they would have been in the US, they would probably have been on the front page today recieving the "US Ratna for Matrimonial Harmony" from the newly wed President and his third wife, staring adoringly at her fifth husband, who would in turn be staring equally adoringly at his ninth personal secretary (kindly refer to the revised marriage oath - "we swear to be husband, wife and secretary, 'til crap do us part"). Anyways, here in India, the day is special just for the two of them. After this, my dad flies off to Mumbai in a week, my mom stays back in Vizag for some more time, my sister is still working at Hyderabad and I am stuck at Kharagpur for quite some time to come. I should probably pick up a monthly travel-ticket from the Indian railways.

And now I have to go back to House Number 39-10-29 to find it empty or travel straight to Mumbai. How there can be a brighter side to this story, I can't imagine but since I have begun to believe that it is often the case, I'll sure tell you when I see the light. And hey, I do get one last chance to stay at Vizag this summer, before we relocate/dislocate permanently. My last two months at that place, still, good enough to tie up all the threads I guess. While 39-10-29 is soon becoming more of a house and less of a home, it will remain my idea of home throughout my life. And then, there is this line that keeps coming back to me from the song, "The Final Countdown" as I key this blog in...

"...and maybe we'll come back, who knows, who can tell..." :D

And of course...Happy Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Our Father in Heaven...

Once again, a long time since I've posted anything here. Once again, a promise that I'll be more regular from the next time. So, go on and believe it, once again. If my professors in the department can believe that story about my attendance all the time, you can suck it up too. Like I said, one month is a really long time and I have a lot to write about and I want to too, but the thing is I have this little business called my grand-viva starting in a few hours.

So, much as I would like to, I have very little time in my hands...on my left wrist to be specific. This post is just to break away from the mounting nausea I get after looking at those text books for minutes on end. I promise I'll be back with a decent post as-soon-ass-possible. This one's a prayer we used to sing in my school days, with a few modifications of course!!! It's only appropriate that I say these prayers before I go back to their place of origin for the ordeal. It's not much, but it contains the gist of what I would really like it to be like. Written during brief moments of consciousness in my classroom, a few of the lines are from Chaitu's pen that I adopted but most of it is straight out of my own keyboard.

Our Father in Heaven...

Holy be thy name,
Sexy be my dame,
Lots of money and fame
Be unto my name.

Time, I be able to tame,
May enemies mine all go lame,
Others' requests though be same,
Me be the priority in your game.