Thursday, July 19, 2007



putQuad©: put-kowad (n. and v.) meaning: Grabbing a helpless soul, if possible, half asleep, catching him unawares and springing a surprise by dropping him from the first floor.


A putQuad is executed at The Quad, Annexe Hostel with the exact location decided to locate a safe drop and also to make it convenient for the many onlookers and paparazzi that throng to watch this phenomenon everytime.


Introduced in the first week of July, putQuad is the latest member to join IIM Calcutta's illustrious and legendary family of put-(____)s.


Originally pioneered by Yours Truly and MukRags, this phenomenon is now registered and copyrighted and is the sole property of The Fight Club, IIM Calcutta.


The first putQuadders were once again nocturnal kings, Moi and MukRags.
The first putQuadee was a half-asleep Putty.
This then was quickly followed by most of the Fight Club members: Gutri, Teju, Safu, DeeNag, Nair and on one of those evil days, Aara and Me too.

Note: Fight Club is currently making elaborate expansion plans and is diversifying into new markets.
  • The Fachcha market was entered successfully with the putQuad of KaZee.

  • Entry was made into the Alum Domain with the putQuad of 42nd Alum, Venus during his recent visit to The Quad.

  • The group is also considering tapping the female market segment with Polo, DeepRed and ArchBal being considered for the initial launch.


'coz Fight Club Rocks.


A1: If you see a barrage of comments using the word CAMMMMM, and you are not from IIM C, then maybe you should know that it means Can't Agree More with the number of Ms trailing indicating the intensity of agreement.

A2: comments from a victim (name withheld):"It was 7:35 i think in the morning and i was woken up by a rude jolt on the door.... hastily i put on my shirt to see if something had gone wrong....little was i to know of things to come (sobs)....three big men dressed in various colours including a bald guy just picked me up and started running towards the ledge...still not able to understand what was happening, i tried to fight my way through it, but by then i was already out of the ledge and staring 15 feet below....."it was a traumatic experience and the victim just broke down after that.... the rest of the description is graphic and cannot be detailed here....