Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Change of Address:

Hi!!! Just dropped in to notify a change of address and phone number. After the five-year holiday package at IIT Kharagpur, I have now moved on to the holy (as in 'holy crap!!!") city of Kolkata. Reach me at

Room No. 122,
Annexe Hostel,
I. I. M. Calcutta,
Diamond Harbor Road,
Kolkata - 700 104

Ph: +91 98305 21424

And also to inform you that "Life", whom I've always looked upon as a bitch, has just turned bitchier. I am currently finding very very little time for blogging and the like, but once the FIFA World Cup is duly secured by the Italian Mafia and I manage to kill my professor in Financial Accounting, I'll resume my pathetic rate of blogging, if not improve it. I have a couple of tags that are pending and general crap to write about is as usual aplenty.

So, ciao soon...