Saturday, December 30, 2006

And then...

On the same night, I also...

Nine Tanks

I acted and directed music in a play staged by the Dramatics Cell, IIM Calcutta.

Saying anything else, I guess, would only undermine the above news.

Baaki Itihaas by Badal Sarkar

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Of triggers, "Bunty aur Babli"

Just wanted to share my tiny moment of glory plus the trigger that made me return to blogging, and unadulterated blogging at that.

********** Persona- Writing competition 'Quiet' Results **********

The winners of the writing competition .. 'Quiet.. Let the words speak' are as follows:

Story section : Hemanth P. (414/13)
Poem section : Vipin Gupta (366/42)
Essay section: J S Tejaswi (417/13)

Congratulations to the Winners


And pleased to note that two of the three winners are KGPians.

Yayy!! Yay!!

And that the other is my thickest friend here, one of the thickest at KGP, an RKite and we were once better known as "Bunty aur Babli"


Thanks to Persona for bringing me back to blogging.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Of Canine Bondage

There once lived a dog, the name and place immaterial. For the longest time it was on the streets. It knew not whence it came from and had been on the streets for as long as it could remember. Everything about the dog was mostly wrong. Around the time this story started, it had evolved into an obnoxious street dog.

Into the locality that the dog lived, there came along one day, a fine looking gentleman. There was something about this person that the dog had never noticed in anyone else. There was a 'sense of peace that he seemed to generate' in the people around him. The strongest of the basic instincts kicked in as the dog followed the gentleman along. It had never done this before, it knew nothing of the person that walked ahead of him but nevertheless it tagged along.

It turned out that the gentleman had just settled in, in one of the nearby houses. At the doorstep, the gentleman looked back at the dog that had been following him. The dog on its part, shamelessly stuck to following him into his home. As the dog thrust itself upon the him, he had but no choice to let him in. The dog had a master at last.

The years that followed were some of the most joyful, influential and formative times for the dog. There was a sense of security and joy that liberated it. It was as though it had a rebirth. Every moment spent with the master was a new lesson learnt. And every moment of it was happiness. And then, there was faith. The master had welcomed it, had given it a place in his home and in his family. He had never questioned its presence ever. And so, there was faith. And gratitude.

A couple of years later, the master left home while the dog stayed back. While there was an initial sense of disorientation, the dog went ahead on its own way. As it reentered the old locality though it was a changed animal altogether. The master had left a huge and indelible mark on the dog. It was almost of a royal breeding now. Everywhere it went it was gifted with success. Even years later, whenever the dog encountered a conflict, a situation or a decision that it had to make, it would simply imagine itself back in those days with its master. What would the decision have been?? What would the master himself have done?? What would he have approved of?? Those were the guiding principles. The answers were always right.

And then one day a curse fell upon the dog. By a strange twist of fate, the powers above decided that the dog and the master had to be alienated. Angels of God appeared in the dog's dream and took away its memories of the master. Every living memory of that life had to be erased from its mind. When the dog woke up next day, it felt the blank space in its mind. 'The right thing to do' was based upon its past life and now it was gone. Logic and reason that were synonymous with those memories were gone too. A lack of purpose and of direction set in. Things turned a full circle, as the dog started slipping into its old ways. Once again, it became a vile street dog and a mad one too. But there was a difference.

This time, the dog didn't care...