Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bang Bang!! I'm alive...

Oh yes!! That's right baby!! I am alive. And whats more!! I am now the new improved Mr.Jobless v2.01. Yeah!! I can imagine your mood right now. You must be fretting and fuming, diasappointed and cursing all your luck. All you wanted as a new year present was for me to disappear, to be gone from your lives. There!! There!! Don't you loose heart buddy. All I can say is that 2006 is not very far away, not to mention the numerous regional and religious new year eves coming up. But for now, mon ami, it's back to my picking your grey cells.

Firstly, I am extremely happy to announce that the results of my first 'blogress' report have been quite satisfactory. Mind you, I am not denying that some responses have indeed been very colourful, ranging from "Just stop writing, Hemanth or else..." to blatant and untrue references not only to my anatomy but also to my near and dear ones, with an enlightening insight into all the leaves, twigs and branches of my family tree. I never knew constructive criticism could be that up, close and personal. Nevertheless, the general opinion has been that I should write more. And so, so be it.

In the two months that have passed, I've read my own blog a couple of times. Well...more than a couple of times actually. Allright, I own up - if Narcisiuss had been a writer, he would have been called a Hemantist. While the above routine is yet another example of how adventurous my life is, I feel that not enough tribute has been made to laziness, my principal weapon against boredom. But this, I guess, I have proved better in my actions...in my no-actions I mean. Clearly, Indian elections have occured at a far greater frequency than my blogs. The story goes on about this back-bencher, who handed over a blank sheet of paper in reply to an assignment on laziness and got a straight A. Since I am not prepared to settle for anything less than an A+, I don't attend many classes in the first place. And, of course, I lie down in the last chair on the rare occasions that I sleepwalk to the department. Did I mention that the guys behind Napster, Microsoft and SUN had pretty similar college lives??

Anways, the principal aim of this post has been just to convey to one and all that me and my blog are still very much alive and this, I think, I have sufficiently crapped about. Also, from now on, I'll be posting much more regularly. So do come and visit more often.

As in the first post, I am going to dedicate this article to some people. It feels nice and makes my article look bigger. This one is to all the living Tsunami victims about whom I really care and wish I could do more, to Sai, Mitra and Riz McKinsey among many others for encouraging me to write more, to Soubhagya Sahoo for actually suggesting some nice, weird topics ('How love macerates' being one of them) for my future blogs and finally to Srinath for his funny mail at 3 'o' clock in the night that gave me the final push to break my blogfast.


At 8:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey buddy way to go....i guess now the ur pet fest is ovr...u wud have lots of time to crap....(or as i call it...doing something constructive instead of being at eggies....hehehhe)...waiting for the next one to come...


At 11:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pls do mind .. but I have simply got to say that I feel this blog will be the only one for a long looong time to come .. that's how lazy u are, I feel .. :) . so, if there aren't ne more blogs then credit goes to me for precisely predicting that .. and in case there are ne more blogs, they'll be having a purport of refuting my prophecy .. so that way again the credit goes to guess whom .. me!! Boy, am I good at this or what!! neways ... gud that u crapped more finally .. okie, cya

At 3:45 pm, Blogger Hemanth said...

@ riz: thank u!!! eggies ko kuch mat bolna...aise bolta hai jaise khud kabhi nahin dikhta and next one shall come soon...

@ sahoo: laziness is my birthright and i already have it, u suck and thank u!!!


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